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Documentation of the reverse-engineered .dem file format used in SourceEngine games.


  • All names are written in PascalCase for consistency and do not match the original name defined in the engine
  • Names might be slightly altered (UserCmdInfo = CUserCmd) or made up (Slot)
  • The term old engine refers to engines with DemoProtocol 2 or 3
  • The term new engine refers to engines with DemoProtocol 4
  • All strings without a known size are null-terminated
  • All strings are in ASCII format unless explicitly denoted
  • Sequence order of bytes are stored in little endian (LE)





  • Migrated docs to mdbook
  • Fixed order of ForwardMove and SideMove in UserCmdInfo
  • Added some additional caveats
  • Added short descriptions
  • Added pseudocode examples for decoding complex data structures
  • Added license, dependencies, features and applications to examples
  • Added changelog
  • Added docs for Net/Svc messages